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Teaching Drama review

'Andy Godfrey of the Mask Emporium is an experienced drama teacher and workshop leader, demonstrating a down-to-earth approach to using his handmade masks'

'Andy used imaginative coaching that was difficult to resist!' Andrew Golightly Teaching Drama

Workshop feedback

‘Mask Emporium’s Commedia workshop was the perfect mix of entertaining and informative. All the students were involved in purposeful, engaging activities and the results were often hilarious and always insightful. This, plus the ability to try on the iconic masks of the art form, really helped bring to life a classic element of European theatre history. I would highly recommend Mask Emporium to all those teaching both Commedia and ‘A Servant of Two Masters’ as an ideal way to bring these characters to life.’


Jordan Blaxhill St Albans School

Busy Busy Busy...

We have had a busy couple of months here at the Mask Emporium. Lots of mask sets made and shipped. Workshops on Commedia an Circus skills. When things settle down I am going to work on some new mask sets and commissions. I have also written articles and reviews for Teaching Drama which has been good fun.

Plastic Fantastic!

Over the years we have tried most mask making materials papier-mache, latex, neoprene, leather and many more. By far the best is leather it is also the most expensive there are two or three mask shops in Venice that sell the finest leather masks. We have spent hours looking round most of the mask workshops in Venice. If you have an interest in masks it is a place you must visit. One high quality leather mask can cost £600 pounds and they are worth every penny. 

The first masks we made were papier-mache they looked great but did not hold up well to multiple workshops.

Plastic masks offer the best mix of qualities and if you look after them they will last many years.