The Mask Emporium is your one stop shop for Masks, Puppets, Lesson plans and Mask resources. We create mask sets for use in Schools, Colleges, Actor training and for Theatre Companies. If you don't see what you are looking for please contact us.

The Mask Emporium is a new enterprise offering a range of mask sets, resources and workshops to schools and educational establishments. We have worked with teachers to come up with a wide variety of mask sets that offer Drama teachers a window into the diverse opportunities of mask theatre. All of our masks are hand made in the UK and masks arrive roughly four to six weeks after your order. We are currently designing many more sets that will be on sale September of 2017.

Our masks are made from High Impact Polystyrene which is strong and resilient to bumps and knocks. It means masks can be made that are cost effective and if looked after can last many years.

The Mask Emporium is owned and operated by Andy Godfrey. He is a trained actor and drama teacher. For the past twelve years he has been teaching Drama in range of school across the country.  At the same time he has run his own theatre company performing nationally and internationally. He has also run workshops in a range of schools and universities.

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